Put It Away

An iPad app that shows how to tidy up a room

Working Towards Independent Living

Maintaining a living space is an essential skill in building independence, and can be particularly difficult for individuals with autism or other mental learning disabilities to learn. This app aims to leverage children's interest and engagement with the iPad to help them learn and reinforce associations between objects and the places in a room they should be put away.

Kids Practice Cleaning

In "Play" mode, a scene (e.g. bathroom, kitchen, etc.) is selected. When the scene loads:

Parents/Teachers Customize the Configuration

The app comes with a few pre-loaded scenes, but what makes it more useful is customization. In any given scene:

New scenes can be created by taking a photo with the camera, or using an existing photo stored on the device's photo library. Individual items can also be edited to provide useful hints in "Play" mode.

Customization enables users to simulate their real living space and personal household rules!